The cover of Children of Time

Children of Time

Evolution and the Human Story

by Anne H. Weaver
illustrated by Matt Celeskey

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…not even my own imagination while I lurked inside a spectacularly painted Paleolithic French cave has conjured living dying laughing crying hominins like Children of Time does.

—Holly M. Dunsworth, review for the National Center for Science Education

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Best Science Book
Best Juvenile Book
2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards
…one of the best books about evolution for young people that I have ever read.

—Jean M. Auel, author of Clan of the Cave Bear and the Earth's Children book series.

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Children of Time brings our distant ancestors to life through the eyes of their children.

Each chapter is based on a child known from actual fossils. Combining careful research with imagination, paleoanthropologist Anne H. Weaver tells the story of their lives, their families, and the environments in which they lived. Their adventures invite the reader to think about the origins of human behavior and wonder, "What does it mean to be human?"

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